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From Mind-Blowing Close-up Magic to His

Stand-up Comedy Magic Show,

Mike's Ability to Connect With Any Audience

Is Stunning!


Corporate Events


Whether you choose his Stand Up 45 Minute MagiComedy Show or his Mingling Close Up Magic, Mike is the professional event planner's top secret!

Perfect for:

  • Holiday Parties

  • Trade Shows

  • Grand Openings

  • Hospitality Suites

  • Any  Corporate Event!


Magic Up Close


Mike's specialty is "Close up Magic" which is the perfect party starter for Cocktail Parties, Meet and Greets, Small Home Parties and more. Illusions with Cards, Coins, Borrowed Objects are performed right under the nose's of your guests without a clue as to how they're done. Lots of audience participation and laughs are always a part of the show. They say the hand is quicker than the eye, you'll get a chance to see how that works under impossible conditions, right up close!



Wedding Receptions


Mike has been invited to over 100 weddings to help kick off couple's marriages.  Providing amazing interactive entertainment for all your guests, Close up Magician Mike Thornton is the perfect choice to keep your wedding  guests entertained. With a refreshing style and contemporary repertoire Mike has something up his sleeve for everyone!  If you are looking for some unique entertainment for your Wedding, Engagement Party or Couple's Shower, Mike is the perfect choice, interacting with all your guests, showing them amazing magic moments inches from their eyes.  A perfect ice breaker for your special day, he even has a special illusion designed that magically becomes a keepsake just for the newlyweds.



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